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Star Shoulder Bag - *FREE SHIPPING*

Star Shoulder Bag - *FREE SHIPPING*

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14½" L x 12" H x 4" D. Our Star Shoulder Bag has drop handles, an adjustable leather shoulder strap, and other elements made from soft leather. The canvas bag features a zippered top, inside pocket, and a nice ticking lining.

This item is handmade using traditional methods passed down from generations. Indian craftspeople hand cut materials and assembled these items by hand. The rustic nature of these items are part of their charm.

These are handmade items and will feature slight variations in finished color and size


We are shipping in 5-7 business days


Our bags are always measured in this standard way:

Length: measured at the base, at the widest points, regardless of any tapering elsewhere on the bag.

Height: measured in the center, from the base to the lowest resting point at the top center of the bag.

Depth: measured at the base, regardless of any taper elsewhere on the bag.


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